About Bowen

We’ve all woken up one morning with a ache in the neck or back that just won’t budge. Bowen may alleviate that pain over the course of your treatment and help with the route cause of the issue, to avoid having the same symptoms again.

The Bowen Technique, created by Tom Bowen, is a well recognised physical therapy that has many applications to help people suffering from a wide range of symptoms. It can be used to aid all ages from babies to the elderly, regardless of your current condition. It can be performed both directly on to skin, or through light clothing, on the therapy couch. If you are unable to lay down, the position can be changed to accommodate your needs. The therapist uses gentle rolling movements across the targeted areas of the body during treatment.

To find out more on the technique and the history of Bowen please watch this video:

"With Ryans brilliant Bowen technique skill and focus, I can feel my body reacting and healing within each session. I could feel a difference in my body from my very first session as Ryan considered all aspects of my body inside and out! Each session is very relaxing and welcoming and I cannot recommend him highly enough, thank you so much Ryan!!"


What to Expect

To begin your Bowen journey, the first step is a free telephone consultation to assess your needs and discuss treatment. We typically will advise at least 3 consecutive treatments from 5-10 days apart (weekly seems to be optimal and often most convenient). Once we have booked your first treatment in, you will be sent a consultation form to outline your symptoms, past medical history, and any other notes you deem significant to our sessions.

Each session will be 1 hour. In person assessment and a discussion of your treatment will take the first 10 minutes of each session. The following 50 minutes will be tailored, hands-on treatment using the Bowen technique and the Bowen ‘moves’.

The Bowen ‘moves’ are gentle movements to the body performed using our hands (fingers and thumbs mainly). These moves are extremely precise and coordinated in a way that will best allow your body to respond. As we link together several of these moves in sequence we have now built what Bowen likes to call a ‘procedure’. Each procedure is aimed at treating a specific part of the body and anything that it may be linked to. We will work together each session to ensure both the moves and procedures are right for you. Throughout and after the session you may feel a range of sensations and feelings. These are completely normal and is just your brain and body’s way of interpreting the Bowen moves, and creating a change.

Upon completion of our first treatment, you will be given aftercare advice that will let you know how best to look after yourself until our next treatment, and to aid the recovery process. Things like increasing water intake, decreasing caffeine or alcohol, or gentle exercise after 24 hours will help with your Bowen journey.

"I would just like to thank you for your excellent treatment on my back. I have experienced a lot of relief and more freedom of movement than I’ve had for some time. I look forward to booking up again in the near future."


About Your Practitioner

Since an early age, Ryan has had a passion for the anatomy and physiology of the human body. This was from the many sports he played as a child and teen that made him so interested in how the body works. Ryan began studying further in human biology, sports training and fitness programming. This naturally lead to obtaining an array of coaching qualifications which developed his passion for helping others achieve their goals in sport.

Bowen has always been in Ryan’s family with his mother being a Bowen therapist herself. Ryan often would receive treatment and realised its incredible potential for aiding his own sports injuries.

A few years ago Ryan wanted to exit the corporate world and lean into holistic healing and helping others in a more meaningful way. This is where the thought of becoming a Bowen therapist came to fruition. Ryan reached out to his mentor and teacher, Paula Essen, a pioneering Bowen practitioner, to see if she would pass on her knowledge. Their shared passion for biomechanics and the problem solving side of hands on therapy meant this would be the perfect opportunity to become a qualified Bowen therapist, and start his journey to helping people live a more healthy and pain-free life.


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